Basic, Advanced and Licensed Music AppsΒΆ

The CUBE offers individual apps such as Basic, Advanced, and Licensed Music. (The version running on a particular CUBE is shown in the web interface as Basic, Adv, LM etc).

The following table lists the salient differences between these Apps.

Feature Basic Advanced Licensed Music
1 Output Zone Yes Yes Yes
2 Output Zones No Yes Yes
Single Music Playlist Yes Yes Yes
Single Message Playlist Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Music Playlists with Scheduling No Yes Yes
Message Scheduling No Yes Yes
External Audio Feed (mono) No Yes Yes
Automated fading of Music and Insertion of Messages Yes Yes Yes
Commercially Licensed Music rules for interrupting Music playback with Messages No No Yes
Support for lossless and uncompressed high bitrate files No No Yes
USB Sync Options Yes Yes Yes
Network Sync Options Yes Yes Yes

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