Activating The CUBE


This guide is for Providers. It applies if you have been provided storage cards by Exponential Solutions separately from the CUBE hardware units.

Step 1: Insert the new Card

The CUBE should be powered down when inserting the new card.


The card MUST be inserted into the specific CUBE hardware unit with which it will be used, as the card will mate permanently to the particular hardware unit as soon as the power is turned on.

For CUBEs with CF (CompactFlash) cards:

The CF card can only be inserted one way around (typically with the coloured label on the card facing upward).

Carefully align the slots on either side of the CF card, with the card opening on the front panel of the CUBE hardware unit. Then gently slide the card into the opening.

If correctly inserted, the CF card should slide easily into the CUBE.

When fully inserted, the CF card will protrude slightly from the CUBE (by approximately 2-3mm or so). Firmly press with the thumb to ensure the card is properly seated.

For CUBEs with SD (SecureDigital) cards:

The SD card can only be inserted one way around (typically with the coloured label on the card facing down and the card’s connector pins facing upward).

Carefully insert the SD card into the slot on the front panel (the edge of the card with the connectors goes in first). Press with the thumb: the card will “click” into place.

Step 2: Connect to the Network

Before turning on the CUBE, please ensure that the CUBE is connected to the network. The network used for the activation should provide IP addresses via DHCP and should allow outgoing http/https requests directly, without requiring a proxy server.

(Other network configurations can also be supported, instructions for performing activations in such other network settings can be provided upon request).

Step 3: Turn on the CUBE

After turning on the CUBE, the CUBE should emit two brief “blip” tones in an ascending frequency, followed a few seconds later by three further ascending beeps.

This confirms that the CF card has been properly inserted.


The thin 335MX-style CUBEs do not emit any blips.


Once a CUBE has been turned on with a new storage card, that storage card immediately becomes mated to the specific CUBE hardware unit. It will henceforth not function in any other CUBE hardware unit.

Step 4: The Activation Process

The CUBE activation process is fully automatic. Simply leave the CUBE running, and it will do the rest.


The CUBE will not play any audio until it has been fully activated.

The CUBE will perform an initial setup process, and will then contact the CubeMC platform to obtain its license entitlement (this requires only minimal network traffic).

The CUBE will verify and install the license entitlement, subsequent to which it will reboot itself. After rebooting, it will commence playback of audio.

The entire process takes approximately 5 minutes end-to-end.


If the license entitlement file is not yet present, the CUBE will continue to check for the entitlement on an hourly basis.

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